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Welcome to the George Mason University Copyright Office (CO) website. The site offers information related to the interpretation and application of copyright law in higher education, with specific focus on the Mason community. Find out more about using proprietary, Creative Commons-licensed, and public domain content for instruction, research, and assignments.

Questions may be directed to Claudia Holland, Head of the Scholarly Communication and Copyright Office, if you don’t find the information you need on or through this site, or if you just want to talk about copyright! We welcome your feedback, questions, and concerns.

The column to the far right provides links to services and offices in the University Libraries and the broader Mason community that may be useful to you, depending on your need. Links in the column to the immediate right direct you to: material in proprietary databases to which the library subscribes, content in the public domain, and content licensed by Creative Commons. Use these links to search for media you may incorporate into your instructional materials, assignments, and websites. Be sure to cite all third-party content, no matter where it comes from!

A few words about the RSS feeds on this site: The Scholarly Communication @ Duke blog, written by Kevin Smith, J.D., M.L.S., reflects Smith’s personal opinions about current copyright issues affecting higher education. IPKat is a blog that addresses a wide range of intellectual property issues, like copyright, patent, trademarks, and confidentiality. This popular blog is maintained by a cadre of solicitors and other IP experts based in the U.K., Europe, Australia, and the U.S. Finally, Dear Rich, written by attorney and author Richard Stim and other Nolo staff, offers succinct responses (not legal advice)  to questions about copyright, trademarks, and patents. Selection of this site is not intended to promote Nolo products or services; we chose it for the Q&A.

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RSS Scholarly Comm @ Duke

  • Going all in on GSU November 13, 2014
    On Friday the publishers who are suing Georgia State University for allegedly infringing copyright by scanning short excerpts from academic books to provide students with access through electronic reserves and learning management systems filed a petition for a rehearing by the entire Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  As most will recall, the panel of the E
    Kevin Smith, J.D.

RSS IPKat Blog

  • The Consumer Protection Function of Trade Marks: Just so? November 21, 2014
    This Kat been has thinking a lot lately about trade mark first principles in connection with his participation, together with fellow Kat Jeremy, in a forthcoming program sponsored by the International Trademark Association (INTA) on the subject of trade marks and overlapping IP rights. One such principle is the recurring assertion that consumer protection is

RSS Dear Rich

  • Can Someone "App" My Reading Program? November 20, 2014
    Dear Rich: I have written a reading program and created written materials as well as manipulatives that go with it. I have received a lot of questions from teachers as to whether I will make much of it into apps. Can someone create an app from my program without permission? I learned during my writing of my program that you can't protect an idea only yo
    The Dear Rich Staff