The Copyright Resources Office (CRO) at George Mason University was formally established in 2002, when the University’s first Copyright Agent (aka “Officer”) was registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.  The University’s copyright policy (#1104) for using and reproducing in-copyright material provides the framework for copyright compliance at our institution. The Agent functions as the legal recipient of copyright infringement notices (DMCA notices) issued by content owners or their representatives to the University, as an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Although copyright enforcement is a component of the work conducted by this office, the expanded mission of the CRO is to educate the Mason community about copyright and related issues. Class lectures, online tutorials, handouts, and this website are used to deliver current information affecting the interpretation and use of copyright in higher education.

To learn more about copyright, please contact the CRO for individual consultations and to request class or general presentations about basic copyright; file sharing; the use of media and images in assignments, the classroom, and on websites; retention of author rights; and proprietary content in online courses. Requests for secondary school or organization presentations are welcome, as well.

Disclaimer: The Copyright Resources Office is not part of University Counsel and is not legal counsel to the university or to any members of the university community. A mission of the CRO is to provide information and education services to help members of the community better address their needs. The information received from the CRO is not legal advice. Individuals and organizations should consult their own attorneys.